Wizard 101

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Release Date: Sep 2008
Latest Version: unknown
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Saving the ‘Spiral’ is the main objective in this game. The Spiral is a realm of worlds in the wizardry community. Players enroll as ‘students’ in the game gaining gold and skills upon leveling. The school where they are enrolled is called Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.

The game offers a tutorial for new players to learn the layout, and feel of the game. It is played online, and can be played through ‘free play’ or by purchasing a subscription. Like the majority of games, a subscription is necessary for one to experience the full game play available. There is a heightened amount of combat throughout the game. Players attempt to defeat villains, and necessary personalities. Many players find the housing to be an excessively entertaining aspect of the game.

The ‘castle’ is a personal space in which players can design and customize to fit their own personalities. Pets are earned throughout the game, and wizards have the opportunity to care for their pets. Chat is also available throughout the online game play.

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