Jul 26

Warthunder Reaches Huge Milestone!

We here at Free Game Ninjas would like to extend out congratulations to the team at Gaijen for their game, Warthunder, reaching 3,000,000 users!  This is a momentous occasion and a testament to the hard work put in over there at Gaijen.  Way to go team, we are proud of you are wish you the best of luck in the future. On to 4,000,000!
In celebration of reaching 3,000,000 users, Gaijen has offered some special discounts on the premium account.  While the game, of course, remains free there are some nice perks to be had at speeding along the leveling if you so choose.

War Thunder is one of the best flight simulator games on the internet. Strap in and play this free online game. Download the full version of this War Game!


Today we have more than 3 million people who registered in War Thunder . The interest to the game is growing each day. We are greatful for your attention and support.

From 27th of July 6am GMT (26th of July 11pm PDT) to 29th of July 6am GMT (28th of July 11pm PDT) War Thunder presents weekend special!

  • 50% special discount for a year’s premium account
  • 30% special discount for 90 days premium account
  • 10% special discount for 30 days premium account
  • Premium will bring 200% more lions for active actions in the game
  • x5 experience bonus for the first victory
  • 30% special discount for purchase price and repair costs for the following aircraft:
    • P-39N-0, P-39Q-5,B-25-1, B-25J-20, F6F, Bf.109F-4
    • Bf.109E-3, Bf.109F-4, Fw.190A-5, Do.217N-1, Ju-87G-2, He.111H-16, La-5FN
    • MiG-3-15, Yak-1Б, La-5FN IL-2M, Pe-2-359, Yer-2 Ach-30B, P-39K-1
    • Spitfire Mk.II, Spitfire Mk.Vb, Beaufighter Mk.21, Tempest Mk.V,Hellcat F Mk.I,
    • A6M2, A6M3, Ki-61-1a, Ki-61-1b, Ki-61-1c, Ki-45 hei, Fw.190A-5

Regards and wishes,
War Thunder Team