How to Become a Game Tester

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How to become a game tester

Despite what many TV commercials tell you, you do not need formal qualifications to become a tester. In reality, what your parents always said to you about never being able to use your gaming in the real world is WRONG! Your skills and knowledge of the gaming industry is important to employers! Some basic knowledge of computer programming may give you an advantage, so it wouldn’t hurt to take a few courses or research online if you have the time.

Employers will want to see proof of your knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry, so you must keep yourself up to date. Read any gaming magazines and websites you can find. This is a very competitive industry, so anything you can do to differentiate yourself is only going to help you.
It would also be helpful to join a gaming forum, especially one linked to a professional organization, game company or developer. This will allow you to hear about opportunities before they are advertised to the publicly.

Something to note about universities that offer computer games courses. The most useful ones will include practical skills (like hands on experience) and the best will offer work placement. However, don’t worry; having a degree is not a requirement for most entry level jobs.

The following is a list of attributes you should possess or acquire for a job as a game tester:

• exceptional problem-solving skills
• a passion for playing computer games (duh)
• college level writing and speaking communication skills
• an basic understanding of what quality assurance entails
• the ability to work well on a team
• the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
• exceptional patience and persistence for repetitive work
• discipline
• attention to detail
• flexibility

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