How To Get Selected For Beta Tests

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How to get selected for beta tests

Getting into most beta tests is not rocket science. For many, simply signing up will be enough. Luckily for you, many game developers want to get their games to many people as possible, so they will let anyone into the beta. Most often, these beta tests aren’t advertised, however, so you will need to keep an eye on gaming magazines, news sites, forums, and developer websites to let you know about the availability of these tests. It would be helpful keep an eye on the development of your favorite game series, as this will clue you into the betas. Developers will also occasionally let you know about beta tests at smaller companies they may be friendly with, so you can hear about a beta test for a game or company you have never heard of.

How to find the best beta tests

Like anything in life, the more experience you have with beta testing, the better your chances will be for the games you really want to test. Even though most beta tests are relatively simple to get into, the biggest and best games can be anything but. For the biggest games, it will take a bit more effort (and a little luck!) on your part, but there are a few tricks you can employ to get a leg up over your competition. As mentioned before, keeping an eye on gaming magazines, news sites, forums, and developer websites is an absolute must. Because demand to get into the beta tests can be great, often how early you sign up for the beta can have a huge impact on if you are selected. It is imperative that you sign up within the first day or two that registration opens for you to have any chance.

The hardware diagnostic tool

Once you have signed up, most developers will have you run a diagnostic tool on your computer and submit a small .txt fill that the tool generates. Don’t worry, this isn’t a virus, and it won’t harm your computer. It is merely a tool the developer uses to get a readout of what hardware you are using and the capabilities of your system. Each piece of hardware is different and has the potential to interact with other pieces of hardware in every conceivable way, so game companies go through great lengths to make sure their games are tested on a wide variety of systems and hardware configurations. This ensures their game will work no matter what video card or CPU you happen to be using. After you have completed the diagnostic, you will often fill out a questionnaire as the final part of your application for the beta test. Take this seriously, these questions will be vital in making sure you are selected. You will be asked about your gaming experiences, about your hobbies, previous beta experiences, as well as your availability during the beta testing period. Companies want to get a good cross section of people to

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