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Release Date: Nov 2011
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Because strategy games have become so popular these days, it comes as no surprise that Kings & Legends has become such a major hit. Unlike many similar styled games, Kings & Legends places its strategy elements in multiple areas, lending strength to more than just proper positioning on the battlefield, but also other elements such as how you structured your deck.

In Kings & Legends, players use cards to summon minions, traps, and powerful spells in an effort to defeat your opponent. Players not only play using a deck of cards, but players also have the use of a hero character that acts as their in-game avatar. Players also have an incentive to upgrade their towns, as many of the hero’s perks are unlocked through the town. Unused cards can be traded with other players or sold on the games version of an auction house. The best part is that new packs of card are obtained by playing the game, and don’t necessarily have to be purchased with real money. There are several levels of rarities that act as a way of differentiating the strength of cards and can make your deck better or act as trading bait to obtain other cards you may want.

There are several “lanes” that you can place your units in when you summon them, and because they can only fight things that are adjacent to them, the game becomes even more strategic. It’s not just about having the strongest creature out there, but also about lining it up correctly so that it can smash through the weak spots in your opponent’s defenses.

Players can choose to play through the single player campaign or team up with friends or random people to defeat major bosses in the game. Boss battles are long and exciting and will often take multiple players to come out successfully.

Kings & Legends is a thrilling game and worth a look by both new and veteran players alike.

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