MMORPG: Know your role!

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Perhaps the biggest advancement in videogames in the last 15 years is that of the MMORPG (Massively multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). What exactly does that mean? Well, “Massively multiplayer” refers to the fact that you are playing with and against literally THOUSANDS of other players at once. When you play, you play on what is called a “server” and that server acts as a persistent world that is always there. So depending on where you are in that world determines what other people you interact with in that world. “Online” is pretty self-explanatory. “Role playing game” is any type of game where you, as the player, embody a character in a world. Think Dungeons & Dragons, but as a video game and much less complicated.

When starting out in an MMORPG, your first task will be to create a character and the “role” he/she will play in the world. There are three main “roles” to consider, each with its own very different play style, strengths, and weaknesses. Try to become familiar with these roles and if you can, try each one out before you commit so you can be sure you are having as much fun as possible. The three main roles are Tank, DPS, and Healer.

Tank: Tanks are designed to absorb the brunt of enemy fire for the rest of the party (group). They typically have a high defensive bonus, but cannot deal as much damage.

DPS (Damage Per Second): DPS classes can’t take a beating like Tanks can, but can deal a huge amount of damage.

Healer: Healers restore the health of their allies, obviously. The trade off, they can’t deal as much damage nor take much of a beating. Healers are always high in demand because they aren’t as glorious as the player who gets to kill everything….but if you play healer, you will never have to wait for a group to quest with.

Once you decide upon a role, it’s time to create your character! Go through your games’ character creation process and choose wisely. This character is going to represent you in game! Take extra time to make him/her look how you want. Also, don’t neglect choosing a good name! Pick something that sounds like it could be from the game world. Don’t be that guy who’s character name is “Iluvboobzzz”. I love boobs too, but this is a MMORPG! See you in game!

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