Need Help Building Your Clash of Clan Fortress?

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Picture of a Clash of Clan player's base.

Boom! This Member needs some but have no fear, this blog post is here!

Darn it again, I just got raided! Ever said this? I know I have. But then again, I had to learn the hard way: place this here and that there, etc. However I no longer have to do such things. Thanks to the boys at Clash of Clans Builder, I can now check out already designed bases and list them by their ranking. Once I have found a good enough base, I can quickly see a schematic of how to position my pieces so as to copy the base before me. And just like that, you now have access to the best bases in the game.

Oh but before I let you go, here is a good tip. Make sure you select your respective Clan Castle level. I can neither confirm nor deny that this ninja spent the time designing his base only to find out later that he didn’t have enough parts/resources. Yep, wrong level. So before you start the tedious task of re-arranging you pieces, make sure your on the right level.

Finally, for all you Free Game Ninja fans out there, if you haven’t downloaded the game yet, I highly recommend you do so and once you have built a clan castle, come find our own Free Game Ninjas clan and get a free dragon while your at it. Our clan name is: Ninja Bushido.

Catch you on the flip side.

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