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Release Date: Sept 2012
Latest Version: 1.6.2
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Locations: US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ
Platform Free Browser Based Game

OGame is a free, real-time strategy browser game from German publisher Gameforge. OGame is absolutely addictive and a definite must try! Players are tasked with harvesting resources with a goal to build a fleet, upgrade your weapons and defense systems all with the main goal of colonizing planets and building a space empire. Expanding your empire is not easy task and you will battle fellow players striving for power whose fleets you must destroy!

A Quick Start for Beginners

The game boasts a large playing field which allows gamers to create entire planets and battle stations. This allows players to conduct battle against each other. The OGame universe consists of slots for galaxies, systems and planets (maximum 9 galaxies per universe, each consisting of 499 systems with 15 planet slots). Every new player starts with a single planetary colony in a random system and galaxy. While the main goal is to expand to become a powerful empire, your first goal will be to get a Cargo Ship and set off to attacking inactive players and undefended planets. New players should build mines to earn money so they can obtain the Cargo Ship and start researching new technologies.

Once your stations are complete, players are able to go online and test them with players all over the world. The game’s main objectives are primarily concerned with creating and maintaining your stations while fending off enemy forces and enemy attacks. In order to do this, players must select personnel that are categorized into different classes. In the game, these classes are referred to as officers. These classes include the Engineer, the Geologist, the Fleet Admiral and the Technocrat. Each class of officers has different abilities that are useful in various occasions.


Players can group up to create an alliance. This special bond will provide protection and power to raid other planets. There are two types of alliance: between a group of players, and between two official alliances. Alliance players work together under one banner and can improve every player’s gaming experience through war, trade or diplomacy. Two alliances can also band together to cooperate for a mutual benefit while maintaining their own banner.

OGame is available through your browser. Begin your journey through the depths of space, develop colonies and defend them against other players today!

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