Welcome to the University of Arkansas at Monticello

国产偷拍视频Upon arrival to our beautiful campuses at the University of Arkansas at Monticello and our Colleges of Technology at Crossett and McGehee, one quickly discovers that we are a special university. There is an opportunity for all students to succeed with certificate options, associate and bachelor degrees as well as graduate degrees.

We also pride ourselves on becoming a model open access university by offering appropriate pathways to assist those who may need a little more assistance before enrolling in college course work. It is our vision that UAM commit to improving the quality of life and economic indicators of our community, region, and beyond by providing access for all to achieve their dreams of a college certificate and/or degrees.

I personally invite you to visit our campus and experience first-hand our welcoming atmosphere. It will be obvious after talking with our faculty and staff that student success is at the heart of everything we do.  If the weather permits, please take a stroll around Weevil Pond. On any given day you will probably run into one of our supportive alum or a caring community person who can share their own experiences of what UAM means to them.

Make the best investment in your future--learn more about the offerings that await you at the University of Arkansas at Monticello and our Crossett and McGehee campuses.

UAM Chancellor, Karla Hughes

Karla Hughes, Ph.D.
国产偷拍视频Professor and Chancellor