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Microsoft Azure for Education

国产偷拍视频The Azure for Education program allows students enrolled in specific Computer Information Systems courses to receive available Microsoft software that is used in the instructional software development classes.

All enrolled students are automatically added to the access list at the beginning of each semester after the last day to add classes. All information is processed with your UAM e-mail address which will serve as your USERNAME. When you are added, you will receive an e-mail message sent to your UAM e-mail address informing you of your password which is needed to register and/or activate your account.

You must go to the Imagine web site:

Login with your UAM username and password that you received by e-mail. If you had an account set up in a previous semester, then you will use the same username and password. New accounts must be registered so it is important that you follow instructions in your email to register your account. If you forget your password, there is a Forgot Password link you can click on. Be checking your spam filter (Barracuda) if you do not see the message in your inbox.

国产偷拍视频Once logged in, you will have access to almost 200 different programs in Azure for Education. All programs can be downloaded over the Internet (you will still need to make a DVD copy of the software before you install it).

CIS ListServ

The School of Computer Information Systems, located at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, maintains and operates a listserver to serve as a forum for the discussion of computers and information systems, rapid dissemination of important information, and a point of contact of currently enrolled students and program alumni.

国产偷拍视频To join the list, send a message, from your account, to:


国产偷拍视频Leave the "subject" line blank.

国产偷拍视频The body of the message should state:

国产偷拍视频ADD CISLIST your name


ADD CISLIST Karen Donham

国产偷拍视频Please limit the message to this one line. The list server is an automated system. Any further information in the message will be interpreted as another command that the system will not be able to act on, and result in no action on any command in the message. Subscribers will receive a message from the server telling them they are added to the list, a list of commands that are valid for the server, and information about the operation of the list.

To send a message to the list, sent it to:

For further information, send a note to: or write:

Karen-Elise Donham
School of Computer Information Systems
UAM Box 3467
University of Arkansas at Monticello
Monticello, AR 71656-3467

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