Welcome to the University Counseling Center

国产偷拍视频College can be one of the best times in an individual’s life. Many look forward to college for the chance to spread their wings, pursue the degree they’ve been dreaming of, meet new friends, etc. Some have expectations of how college will be for them. What happens when the expectations aren’t necessarily reality, or the degree is a little harder to achieve? How about when the friendships don’t pan out, or perhaps spreading your wings didn’t quite align with the budget? What if … college isn’t turning out to be the best?

The UAM Counseling Center is available to help with these questions and more. We provide a safe, confidential space for students to process life’s changes. College can be a time for important decisions, and the counselor can help empower you to make those decisions, without making them for you.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of UAM’s Counseling Services is to promote student wellness for successful pursuit of educational and life goals, to enhance mental health and quality of life, and to improve wellbeing by providing professional and confidential mental health services. To accomplish its mission, the Counseling Services have a well-developed set of goals, consistent with the mission of the university and its core values, which include student empowerment, connecting students with resources, and supporting the UAM college community.

Outreach Workshops

Programs are planned by the Counseling Services Office each semester.  These programs are advertised campus-wide.  Among the topics are:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Relationship Issues

For All Emergencies Always Call University Police at 460-1000