document includes:

  • Full-Length Practice ACT Test, including the Optional Writing Test
  • Information about the Multiple-Choice and Writing Tests
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • What to Expect on Test Day

Outreach Workshops

国产偷拍视频Programs are planned by the Testing Services Office each semester.  These programs are advertised campus-wide.  Among the topics are:

  • time management
  • Study Skills
  • Choosing the Right Major
  • Dress For Success
  • Resume Writing
  • Preparing for Finals

What is it going to cost you? Nothing!

Our services are free.

Roberta Thomas

Testing Center Director/Career Advisor
Student Success Center 2nd floor, suite 201
870-460-1403 (fax)

Will Leggett

Graduate Assistant
UAM Testing and Career Services
Student Success Center Suite 201
Office: (870) 460-1454
Fax: (870) 460-1403