Bob G. Ware
Vice Chancellor
Office: McGehee Campus Phone: 870-460-2101

Elaine Hargraves
Assistant Vice Chancellor 
国产偷拍视频Office: McGehee Campus Phone:

Cyrus Vance
Director of Student Services
Office: Phone: 870-460-2103

Dorissa Kaufman
Adult Education Director
国产偷拍视频Office: McGehee Campus Phone: 870-460-2118

Gary Lucas
Information Technology Director
Office: Phone: 870-460-2120

Peggie Orrell
Allied Health Director
国产偷拍视频Office: Phone: 870-460-2124

Anna Shell
Project Coordinator
Office: Main/ Room 107 Phone: 870-460-2108

Cortez Smith
Career Pathways Director
Office: McGehee Main/Admin Room 113 Phone: 870-460-2102

Monica Anderson-Allen
Director of Vocational Counseling
国产偷拍视频Office: Phone: 870-460-2128

Administrative Support Staff

Dortholia Butler
Administrative Assistant II
Office: Front Phone: 870-460-2117

Justin P. Carbage

Community Out Reach/Coordinator
国产偷拍视频Office: CPI Lab Room 114 Phone: 870-460-2129

Anthony Frazier
Maintenance Assistant

Cassandra Gossitt
Human Resources Specialist
国产偷拍视频Office: Phone: 870-460-2110

Lavana Gustafson
Computer Operator
Office: Phone: 870-460-2112

Kathy Lawson
Accounting Technician II
Office: Phone: 870-460-2119

Frederick Nichols
国产偷拍视频Maintenance Assistant

Geraldine Renfroe
Administrative Assistant III/Bookstore/Cashier
Office: Phone: 870-460-2126

James Robbins
Maintenance Supervisor
Office: Phone: 870-460-2127

Donna Rogers
Administrative Assistant, Adult Education
国产偷拍视频Office: Hamburg    Phone: 870-853-8278

Judy Sandlin
Student Services Administrative Assistant
国产偷拍视频Office: Phone: 870-460-2130

Marilyn Spurlock
Administrative Assistant, Adult Education
国产偷拍视频Office: Crossett     Phone: 870-460-2021

Linda Thompson
Administrative Assistant, Adult Education
Office: Monticello    Phone: 870-224-8150

Jerald Clark
University Police Officer
UAM COT - Arkansas Law Enforcement Academy 
Phone: 870-460-2121


J. J. Bayliss
Instructor, Adult Education
Office: Phone:

Gary Burt
Instructor, Welding Technology
国产偷拍视频Office: Phone: 870-222-5360

David Carter
Instructor, Heavy Equipment AHEOTA
B.A., Accounting, Ouachita Baptist University
Office: Warren Phone: 870-226-2750

Nikki Calhoun Fitzgerald
Instructor, Practical Nursing
RN, Baptist School of Registered Nursing, Little Rock Arkansas
A.A.S. Great Rivers Vocational Technical School
Office: 111 Phone: 870-460-2105

Elaine Hargraves
Instructor, Early Childhood Education
M.E.d. University of Arkansas Monticello
B.S.  University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 
国产偷拍视频 Office: Phone: 870-460-2123

Jay Harrod
Workforce Ed. Instructor (AHEOTA)

Faith Hurd
Workforce Ed. Instructor (Child Care)

Renee Jones
Instructor, Health Information Technology
MBA, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS
B.S., Business Administration/Marketing, University of Arkansas at Monticello
国产偷拍视频Office: 207 Phone: 870-460-2116

Tonya Loe
Instructor, Administrative Office Technology
M.B.S.E., University of Central Arkansas
B.S.E., Bachelor of Science in Education
Office: 206 Phone: 870-460-2133

Rachel Nicholson
Instructor, English
M.A., Creative Writing, Wilkes University
B.A., English, University of Arkansas at Monticello
国产偷拍视频Office: Main Admin 101 Phone: 870-460-2155

Sarah Pambianchi
Instructor, Health Professions
国产偷拍视频Office: Room 112 Phone: 870-460-2137

Kim Ray
Instructor, Practical Nursing
Office: Phone: 870-460-2125

Holly Rial
Instructor, Adult Education
国产偷拍视频Office: Phone: 870-460-2122

Gursarn Singh
Instructor, Paramedic/EMT
Office: Phone: 870-460-2131

Tara Snider
Instructor, Communications
Office: Phone: 870-460-2132

George Venable
Diesel Instructor

Alicia Wright
WAGE Coordinator, Adult Education
Office: Monticello & McGehee   Phone: 870-222-5360