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Entering the world of Pirate Storm instantaneously changes your identity into that of a rugged pirate sailing the distant seas in search of lost treasure. Along the way you’ll find yourself fighting against treacherous sea creatures as well as other players to get your hands on the legendary riches.

In Pirate Storm your ship is one of the main priorities. Not only is it used as the main source of transportation, but by using cannonballs such as Sail rippers, Crew Killers and Hull breakers you can destroy enemy ships while they try to destroy yours. What’s best when in battle is that weapons are always at hand on the ship. There is no need for going to a store like in other games. The main ships to be wary of are NPCs. Taking down NPC ships is a good way to earn rewards in pearls and EPs. With six regions in the world, four maps in each region, four zones in each map, four enemy NPCs in each zone that are either monsters or ships, there is always a battle awaiting. In the game it is also possible for players to team up against enemy ships or creatures. Along with there being NPCs, there are also quests in each zone. Like in other aspects, you can go about individually or as a group when you take on quests. This in particular has been beneficial since Pirate Storm is known for having quest instructions that aren’t always clear or descriptive. With all the loot acquired through the game you can buy things at the shop and auction houses. Diamonds are the main currency, but gold coins can buy some of the less expensive things. Depending on how much you have to spend, there are five types of ships to choose from. There are some that are faster while others can destroy a ship with one shot.

Other types of merchandise are sails, decks, gunpowder and rockets. Game players who enjoy good artwork and graphics have given Pirate Storm two thumbs up. What is said to really catch people’s eyes is the use of spectacular 3D graphics that give you a feel of really being inside the game.

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