Rise of Mythos Review

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Rise of Mythos Browser Game

Release Date: 2013
Latest Version: 1.2
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Only in the US
Platform Online

Rise of Mythos is a free online (browser-based) Trading Card Game (TCG) published by Gamefuse.  All you need is to login into the game page either creating an account or through facebook account. You will be given some options such as desert area, windy area, Jungle etc. that you can choose to play in.  Throughout the game you will be instructed how to play with a pop-up dialogue box, that is really vague. You’ll understand how to play a card at the end of your tutorial, but the rest you’ll have to figure out on your own.

In this game you build a deck of creatures from your available pool and try to strategize what combination is most effective to battle your own adversary, but the actual game play doesn’t play out like a typical TCG. Instead, the game features a grid overlaid on top of a 2D world. You will discover around four different lanes. When you activate a card, you choose one of the available lanes to place that creature, and then one of the first three spaces in that lane which serve as starting spaces.

The game is won once you get the creatures with a number lane beyond the enemy forces and leaving the enemy hero open for attack. Once the hero’s lifepool is zero, they’re beat.

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