Jul 06

No Such Thing as a Free Game?

Oh, so you say this is a free game?

Is there such a thing as a free game?

Nowadays we gamers constantly find “free game” opportunities that, if you are like me, seem too good to be true. Why would game companies like EA or Gamesoft even consider giving us a “free game experience” when we have already proven to them that we are capable of throwing oodles of cash at them for their other platform based projects? Have they lost their financial minds or is there an ulterior motive?

In most cases, online games can actually be free. You sign up with just your email address and the next thing you know, you are knee deep in ogre guts and pixy dust. However there are two strategies that game companies mainly use so as to feed their starving programmers and designers, cause remember even EA has to feed their programmers some stale bread…..sometimes.

The first is in the sales of “extras.” Ever played a game that offers extra game cash, jewels, better weapons, etc for the cost of real cash? For example in Clash of Clans you can pay to receive gems that can speed up production, or suffice for missing cash. In most cases this is very profitable because lets face it, we gamers are impatient and want to wield that mighty butt kicking axe and reek havoc and so $5 dollars later you become the biggest bad boy on the block. While I have never paid for the extras (after all I am the master free game ninja), talking on forums and in game play I have found that a major majority of players do go this route. Lucrative, but it is you choice whether or not to keep the game free.

The second strategy lies in commercials, and advertisements. Ever see a video or ad pop up before you start playing? This is because companies that want to sell to people like you, know that video games hold the key in getting your attention. Therefore, the game itself stands as an effective means to promote other products targeted at our market.

So as you can see, these free online games are actually free to play. You may have the opportunity to heighten your game experience by purchasing upgrades or may have to sit through a commercial but lets face it, its a small price to pay for such entertaining games at your disposal.