Total Domination

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Release Date: Oct 2012
Latest Version: unknown
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Platform Free Browser Based Game

If you are a fan of browser based strategy games but you have grown tired of the typical “Facebook style” games, Total Domination is a new game on the scene, and it has a lot to offer players that are looking for something a bit different.

Total Domination is a beautiful game, which is rather unusual for a Facebook game, but because of all the wonderful detail and scenery this game provides, players need to play it in full screen mode to be able to see everything. Total Domination is not a “casual game” by the standards of most players, and requires more than just a few minutes at a time to play it.

Flexibility and Functionality

Many strategy games confine players to a small play area, or requires them to build their settlements in a certain way. Total Domination gives players the flexibility to branch out and set up where they want and how they want. The trade off to this freedom is that it can be difficult at times to find the right building to make certain actions happen. Because of this, players should take care in where they place their buildings, rather than take a careless approach.

This game is geared more at the “regular” or “advanced” level of gamer, so new gamers or “casual” gamers might want to get a bit more experience elsewhere before tackling this game, but for those who do, you will be richly awarded.

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