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Release Date: Mar 2013
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Warframe is a free, multi-player cooperative shooter which offers fast-paced action, combined with elements of both ninja and sci-fi culture. Set in a distant corner of outer space, the game introduces players to the Tenno: a race of warriors nearly brought to extinction during an old war. The remaining survivors are summoned from cryostasis chambers to fight the widespread armies of the enemy Grineer, who are on the brink of total domination over the Tenno. Their situation seems hopeless, until the Tenno are introduced to Warframes– ancient exoskeletal armor with unique powers.

Players select one of three available Warframes upon first playing the game. Although this choice is an important one, as each Warframe offers different forms of protection and unique abilities, your initial selection of armor is not your final one. As play progresses, players have the opportunity to build or purchase new Warframes.

After completing the required first mission, new regions of space are unlocked on a planetary mission map. During missions, you battle enemies and collect resources and currency as you go. Being a cooperative game, Warframe allows you to have other players assist you on your mission. You can choose to play with “Online” status, which enables players to freely drop in and join your mission; alternatively, the “Private” mission status limits your team to those players that you explicitly invite. A “Solo” status prohibits anyone at all from assisting your mission.

Warframe is a good-looking game, with particularly impressive visuals during battles, and the movement feels smooth and fluid. Although Warframe is free to play, it does incorporate the ability to spend real money to purchase platinum, the currency of the Warframe world. Platinum, which can also be earned for free during missions, allows players to purchase weapons and other handy modifications for their Warframes.

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