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Wartune is an exciting MMORPG in which a player is able to choose from six different characters.The game is set in the medieval era and the objective is to eradicate the enemy that have taken over the land. A series of maps and scenarios are filled with evil creatures and other players who are also trying to become stronger and more prosperous.

A player is able to select a character at the beginning of the game, along with a screen name. The character’s range in strengths and weaknesses of which are tested throughout the game. After completing the initial point and click tutorial, the game allows the player to equip your character with weapons, jewelry and armor found throughout the game. These items help raise the characters defense and offensive capabilities, which in turn assist’s the character in battle.

As in many other MMORPG’s the player is able to build his character’s level by acquiring experience points that are awarded after defeating opponents in battle. Battle’s that character under go are turn based and end rather quickly. The character in the game also acquires skills throughout the game. These skills consist of attacks and spells that can be used on the opponents, or ones character if need be.

One of the games great traits is the city infrastructure in which the player is able to strengthen by buying upgrades. The town hall, barracks, and cottage are already in place and are upgrade-able by using the gold the city and character earns. These upgrades allows the character to strengthen his guild in order to defeat evil creatures in battle and help defend the player’s city from other online players.

A player is also given a set of tasks that arise during game play. After completing these tasks the player is awarded with items,such as the jewels armor and weapons, along with experience points. A player is also presented with opportunities to acquire extra resources that may give them the upper hand during game play.

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