Why Do Companies Beta Test

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Why do companies beta test

Software is incredibly complex. We’re talking millions of lines of code. Every detail is controlled by some line of code, from what textures make up the ground all the way down to the placement of a rock. The game must also respond to user input so the game has to know what to do when you click a button.

Because of the amount of code involved, sometimes things don’t work as intended. Unfortunately, the only way to find out where the code isn’t working as intended (called bugs) is to play the game. The game needs to be played in every possible way imaginable in ways both intended and unintended by the designers of the game. Some glitches can be very difficult to find and require a very specific set of actions to produce, but since bugs affect the reviews of games and have the potential to “break” the game, a company must do the best it can to discover and fix as many bugs as possible before they release the final version of the game.

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